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Arcade games are extravagant games in online casinos. Arcade games include coin machines, placed in popular restaurants, bars or public places. These games involve the variation of games such as video, electro-mechanical games, pinball and redemption machines. The highlight of arcade games happened between the 1970s and 1980s.

First traces of arcade games can be seen in New York amusement parks. Later on, the first pinball machines of wood appeared in 1930. In the next years, old machines are replaced with electronic components as screen and readout surfaces. One of the first games by Sega was Periscope which appeared in 1966. The game quickly emerged in Japan, Europe, and North America where it was the first game in the arcade category. The following successful arcade game was Crown Soccer Special, invented by Taito in 1967. This game represented a football action with two players. However, the golden age of arcade games was 1978 when Taito company introduced Space Invaders game. From that moment on, arcade games came up in shopping malls, bars, and restaurants in the USA and other states. The popularity dropped in the 1990s.

How to play

Arcade games have different terms and rules of play. When you opt for the specific game, make sure you know general rules of the play. One of the arcade games – Costume Party – requires from the players to wear four different persons. It includes chicken, nurse, cowboy and Wonder Woman. If you wear them correctly you will win between 10 and 120 coins.

When you start a casino arcade game, read the instructions regarding rules and payout terms. Most importantly, you should know to set and keep limits and understand paytable system. Arcade games can be very addictive adventure, so you need to set the limit in any situation. The result of the game depends on the random generator system which decides who wins and who loses. Also, arcade games include paytable which shows the symbols and how to get winning combination. Some games will require use of personal skills. For example, in Max Damage game players should hit the alien ships in fast and accurate way. Here you don’t need a strategy but real and regular practice.

Main types of Arcade games

Arcade games significantly differ from typical casino games as blackjack, roulette, and video poker. The return to player rate is lower, but entertainment is on the high level. Arcade games appear on the casino market every day and you have a variety of choice. Here is the list of most presented variations of arcade:

  • Video Games Machines
  • Pinball Machines
  • Redemption Games
  • Merchandise games

Arcade video games include various genres. The action of the games is different from shooting, fighting to racing. Some of the classic games you can enjoy are Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Frogger, L.A. Machine Guns and more. You can also buy a console type of arcade games and play them at home. The pinball machine is also popular among arcade players. These machines include flippers and you have to win the points by bouncing the ball in various directions. Popular pinball games are Humpty Dumpty, Tales of Arabian Nights and Pin*Bot. The next type of arcade game is redemption category adventure where you get some tickets as the award. For example, in Whac-A-Mole game, you will get some tickets if you hit moles with the mallet. Finally, merchandise games offer prizes depending on your skills or luck. The selection of games is wide and you can choose claw crane adventure or Stacker game. Prizes come in all shapes and sizes as animals, video or DVD games.

Top arcade games producers

When we talk about arcade gamesˈ producers, there is a lot of old and modern representatives of the casino industry. Here we have the checklist of developers:

  • Atari company
  • Capcom
  • Konami
  • Midway games
  • Sega amusement
  • Taito producer

One of the best arcade gamesˈ developers is Sega amusement company. Sega is established in 1955 and soon became a leader in the industry. In 1980s the company announced games like Outrun, Wonder Boy, Zaxxon, Space Harrier and Shinobi. Later on, in 1990s the company started to produce 3D arcade games as The House of the Dead, Daytona USA, Virtua Fighter and more. Another famous producer of arcade games is Taito corporation. Japanese provider became popular on the global level after the introduction of Space Invaders game. Other popular titles of the provider are Rastan, Darius, Arkanoid and recently created Densha De Go.
If you look for other developers in arcade industry, we can mention names as Raw Thrills, Stern Pinball, Adrenaline Amusements, Andamiro, Barron Games International, Wik and Venture Shuffleboard.

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Which arcade games are the most popular in UK

Canadian gambling market has a rich choice of arcade games. If you want to know what are the most requested and used arcade games on Canadian ground, we will help you with our checklist:

  • Big Bass Wheel
  • Tower of Tickets
  • Skeeball
  • Jurassic Park
  • Monster Drop
  • Zombie Snatcher

If you want to play arcade games in Great Canadian Midway, you need to pay $44,25 and tax and get access to the most interesting games ever. Except for the mentioned adventures, you will have the opportunity to play DC Superheroˈs, Mario Kart GP DX, Walking Dead and HI Striker.
In case you are interested in UKˈs arcade games, the selection will be advantageous. In UKˈs casino you can find various names and topics as Coin Toss, Asteroids, Skeeball, Hockey Potshot and Rock-Paper-Scissors. These games will not only entertain you but also bring some prizes.

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Which local UK casinos are the best to play arcade games

Canadian online casinos are the perfect place to start with arcade games. Here you have some recommended casinos to play these games:

  • Royal Vegas Online casino
  • Mansion Casino
  • Platinuim Play online casino
  • Vegas Palms Online casino
  • Red Flush online casino

If you want to start with famous Royal Vegas casino, consider playing the titles as Max damage and the alien Attack or Germinator. These slot arcade games will provide a lot of entertaining and exciting moments. On the other hand, Mansion casino will provide arcade games in many colors, lights, and sounds. Here you can play some popular titles like Rubikˈs Cube, Cash Blox or Rubikˈs Riches. Platinuim play is another casino place which guarantees the extreme quality of the arcade games. Platinium games include action, HD graphics, and great jackpot.
For UK local gamblers, we recommend a variety of well-known casino places to enjoy arcade adventures:

  • Dream Vegas Casino with 200% bonus up to £2500 and 50 extra spins
  • Ahti Games Casino with first deposit bonus and 50 + 30 extra spins
  • WinOMania casino with first deposit bonus of 100% up to £200
  • Black Type casino 100% bonus up to £250
  • Dunder casino with 200 % bonus up to £50 and 180 bonus spins