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The lottery is a modern game played in online casinos worldwide. The game is simple to learn and master. In most of the casinos, you will find word keno for lottery games. Players should bet by choosing numbers from 1 to 80 (usual method). After placing of the bet, lottery machine or random generator draws 20 number. Each casino has specific rules regarding payout system. The players will be paid according to the number of matches.

First traces of lottery appeared in ancient China. Games were popular in Han dynasty which used Keno to collect taxes. Some legends say that the China Great Wall was constructed thanks to the money from the lottery. The Chinese introduced the game in European countries in the 19th century. In 1866, the game was already presented in the states of Houston and Texas. Over time keno was changing in terms of rules to become more understandable. Today, lottery and keno are the way of life and entertainment in online casinos.

How to play

You don’t need to be super clever in order to play the lottery. This game doesn’t require any strategy or overthinking. Just choose the numbers and wait for the outcome. You will get the payout depended on how many drawn numbers you hit. The general rule says – the more you choose and hit, the higher payout you get. However, the payout system differs from casino to casino and you need to learn the terms before placing the bet.
The payout is based on probability. Your chance to hit all 20 numbers is 1:3,5 quintillion (almost unbelievable). Therefore, players can be paid for fewer hits than 20. It depends on the rules and terms of each casino.

Main types of Lottery

There are a lot of lottery types. The lottery is not only casino game, but also game organized by the states. In this paper, we consider online casino lottery and gambling opportunities for the players. According to many sources, casino lottery is the best place to play this game if you want to make millions. Casino and sport books offer a wide range of possibilities for gamblers including international lotteries. Here we can give some names of popular casino lotteries:

  • Irish lottery
  • Spanish lottery
  • New York lottery
  • Canadian Lotto
  • German Lotto
  • Australian Lotto
  • Hong Kong Lotto

The rules are as simple as ever. Just click on the link of the lottery site and place the bet. The payout is based on the odds. It means that you will not win the whole prize if you hit all numbers. Your payout will be counted according to the site odds. The sites tend to limit payout for winning combination so you must be aware what to expect. However, you should give a try to Internet lottery and choose from a variety of games. Here you can find many combinations or place the bet on the ball color, hit the odd or even numbers and more.

In the last years, we can see many sites offering free lottery for the users. Everything you need to do is signing up with your information and enjoy free weekly events. In this way, you can win the prize and also enjoy the opportunity. The bad side of free lotteries is providing the sites with personal information.

Top lottery producers

There are a lot of casino producers which offer lottery and keno games. Here we will put some leading names:

  • Microgaming developer
  • NetEnt company
  • Amatic Industries GmbH
  • Oryx Gaming
  • Gamomat

Microgaming producer is well-known for keno games. This game is typical lottery adventure with a lot of fun. You will play with the board of 80 numbers. Everything you need to do is choose up to 15 numbers. When you select the numbers, wait for the draw and hope. If the randomly chosen numbers match to your selection, you will win the prize. Play keno in the best casinos as Guts Casino, 32 Red Casino or Thrill Casino. Net Entertainment company offers a specific game – bonus keno. In this game, you need to buy numbers from 80 – number card. You can opt for 5-10 numbers and wait for the draw. If you select winning numbers, you get the prize or even progressive jackpot.

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Favourite lottery games by local gamblers

Canadian players have a wide choice of lottery options. They can play alone, join a syndicate or buying a bundle. Another opportunity is playing online lotteries. In Canada we can mention two types of the lottery:

  • Lotto game
  • Powerball

Lotto game slightly differs from Powerball. While Lotto will request to choose six numbers and additional number out of 40, Powerball will limit your choice to one out of ten 10 numbers. The payout amount depends on the number of matches. When playing Lottery in Canadian casinos, make sure the following: safety, terms and conditions, spending your money in time intervals. All Canadian players should be older than 18 and they can repeat the same combination each time they play.

Canadian regions will also offer a variety of lottery games for local customers. Some of them are Daily Grand, Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49 and more. For example, Daily Grand happens in the whole Canada. With this lottery game, you can win $1000 per day and continue till the end of your life. Just choose 5 numbers between 1 and 49 and wait for the outcome.

For those who are interested in UK lottery, we will give some information. Lottery in the UK is organized by National lottery and you can’t bet on the UK draws. However, local gamblers can participate in international lottery events and bet on the outcome of the draw. Here is the list of popular games for UK players:

  • US PowerBall
  • US MegaMillions
  • Irish Lotto
  • Cash4Life
  • Bitcoin Lotto

The most interesting game is US PowerBall. The game takes place on Wednesday and Saturday. You bet on the outcome of the draw by selecting five numbers from 1 to 69. PowerBall lottery game is famous for the jackpot of $1,6 billion in 2016. Lastly, you should bear in mind that lottery games don’t provide extra bonuses.

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Best local UK and Canada casinos to play lottery games

Canadian casinos provide a range of possibilities for lotto players. However, some casinos have better offer than the others in term of bonuses and number of lottery games. Consider playing at following casinos:

  • All Jackpots Casino with $800 bonus
  • All slots casino with $1500 bonus
  • Vegas Palms online casino with 200% bonus up to $100
  • Leo Vegas casino with $1000 bonus and 222 free spins
  • Wild Jack casino with 200% bonus up to $600

On the other hand, UK gamblers can choose among best lottery sites like:

  • Lottoland casino with 15+ lottery games
  • Lotter casino with 20+ lottery games

Lottoland casino has a lot of benefits for players. It includes free line bets, 2 for 1 line bets as well as bitcoin lotto game. Lottoland paid some of the greatest jackpots as one from Kansas, USA when the winner got £469 million.