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Roulette is a well-known casino game coming from French. The word roulette is an indication for “little wheel” in the French language. The game includes ball, wheel, and table marked with numbers. The players should place the bet on the numbers from 0-36 and click the Spin button. The result of the bet tells about playersˈ destiny.

The first form of Roulette game appeared in France in the 18th century. Historians believe that the original model of the game comes from Blaise Pascal’s invention. It is well-known that Roulette has already been played in Paris in 1796. The game got worldwide popularity in the 19th century, after introduction in European and USA casinos. Later on, Blanc family established the center of roulette gambling in Monte Carlo. The most presented roulette types are single and double zero wheel. While America and Las Vegas insist on double zero wheels, European countries have single zero version.

How to play

Casino players have a wide choice of roulette strategies. They can place the bet on single or group of numbers, choose the red or black color, odd or even numbers (from 1-36). The next step makes the croupier by spinning the wheel in one direction and the ball in another. The ball passes through the deflectors and finally reaches one of 37/38 (depending on the type European/American) pockets on the roulette wheel. That’s the end of the round. The odds of the single player depend on probability.

Roulette generally prescribe the minimum and maximum bet option. If more players participate in the inside roulette game, casinos will use specific colors or table chips to differ the players. Players are free to place bets while the ball spins around the wheel. However, they should stop when the dealer stops the activity with no more bets statement.

When the ball falls on the winning number, the dealer will place the marker (dolly) on that number. When it happens, other players cannot make the next steps regarding placing or collecting the bets. The dealer sweeps away the losing bets and makes the payouts to the roulette winners. In the next step, the marker will be removed and players can continue with their bets.

Main types of Roulette

Roulette game involves many strategies and variations. Today, a number of players choose a European or American version. European roulette represents the original version of this game. The game includes numbers (from 0-36) and odds for winning from 1 to 37. There is a better chance to win the game with this type than with the American roulette version. While the odds are higher, the stakes are smaller reaching only 2,7 percent. This includes smaller loss in case you lose the game. Other differences between European and American roulette are based on cultural habits and general rules.

American roulette differs slightly from the European version in terms of the wheel structure. This roulette type includes one more table pocket named 00. This means that players have less chance to win the American roulette (odds are 1 to 38). Moreover, American roulette involves the numbers in the logical order, while the European includes randomly placed numbers. Other dominant types of roulette are the casino roulette and the rapid roulette game.

Top roulette producers

When we refer to roulette producers, we consider casino software developers. Casino industry became popular for powerful software platforms as Evolution Gaming, Playtech, Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Extreme Live Gaming and Media Live Casino. All providers offer roulette games as well as security and high-quality games. We are also proud of some wheel producers as Huxley, Cammegh, Abbiati, Casino Equipment 777, Matsui Europe and CCC Holdings.

Huxley wheel manufacturer comes from the UK, London. It operates since 1979 and enjoys the significant reputation. The producer offers a wide range of equipment (chips, tables, cards, and displays) as well as high-level security. This company made a real success over the years, which led to the bankrupt of many other wheel producers.

On the other hand, Cammegh is world giant in the wheel production. The estimations say that more than 90% of casinos use the Cammeghˈs equipment. The main qualities of the wheels are security and variety. Cammegh produces a lot of different stuff, including rings, displays, and cameras. The company uses stainless steel in the production which gives extra quality and integrity.

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Most popular roulette games in UK

There are a lot of popular roulette games worldwide. However, the most interesting roulette markets are Canadian and UK. Here we can see what games are most presented in both markets. Canadian players enjoy spending time with following roulette games:

  • Euro Roulette Gold
  • French Roulette
  • Multi Wheel Roulette Gold
  • Premier Roulette
  • Roulette Pro

Canadian players like spending their time with roulette games. The games are not subjected to tax payment and there is a lot to choose between online or brick and mortar versions.
On the other hand, UK players enjoy a variety of roulette games as follows:

  • European roulette
  • American roulette
  • French roulette
  • Multi wheel roulette
  • Premium roulette
  • 3D and live dealer roulette

You should be aware that UK market offers a range of roulette games to spend your time. Each game is playable with real money and they differ in terms of strategy, design, settings as well as animations. To add some excitement, consider playing Pinball Roulette, Ra Roulette, Video Roulette or Immersive Roulette.

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Best Local Casinos to Play Roulette Online

Canadian roulette market is very progressive and adaptable. There are some reputable places where players enjoy favorite roulette games. It includes following:

  • JackpotCity online casino with 100% bonus up to $1000
  • Ruby Fortune casino with bonus up to $750
  • Spin Palace casino with bonus up to $1000
  • Betway casino with bonus up to $1000 and 97,29 payout rate
  • Royal Panda casino with bonus up to $100 and 97,17 payout rate

On the other hand, UK casino sites enjoy security provided by data encryption. Moreover, they include certified and licensed games, IT safety as well as Random Number Generator. The most reputable UK roulette sites are following:

  • Dunder casino with £600 welcome bonus, 200 free spins and 100% payout
  • Betway with £500 welcome bonus, 50 free spins and 100% payout rate
  • Royal Panda with £100 welcome bonus, 48 free spins, and 100% payout rate
  • InterCasino with bonus up to £500, +155 games and 96,74 payout rate
  • Leo Vegas Casino with exclusive bonus up to £500, 300+ games and 96,50 payout rate

Other recommendable UK casino sites are Ladbrokes, 888 casinos as well as Betfair. Lastly, we should emphasize that playing roulette in the UK is legal. Spins are random and games controlled by RNG. This means that players should not worry about security and safety of roulette games.