Cookie Policy

To provide you with the best service on our website, we use cookies, which prevent us from asking you repeatedly for the same information.

What Are Cookies?

Small files called cookies contain data saved on a user’s computer or mobile device while visiting the website. They are created to store information related to a particular client and website.

Why Do We Use Cookies?

Cookies allow the server to provide a page focused on a particular user. The page can also include a script aware of the information in the cookies. So, they can transmit data from one visit to the website to the next.

Browser Cookies: Why Should I Let You Save Them on my Device?

Cookies are an easy way to keep data from one session on the site to another, and between sessions on related platforms. When you regularly visit our website, Cookies help you to avoid an irritating experience. For example, without a cookie, for choosing your “Roller” status, you should adjust it every time you come to the page. Using Cookies, your PC will save your settings and automatically put your data on every page in the default mode.

You will be surprised, but a cookie also controls the usual message asking you about accepting cookies. In case of your negative answer, you will see this question each time you visit the website. Otherwise, our site will not show this message for 90 days after you accept Cookies.

Take into account that your PC may get Cookies while clicking through any link to an external site. It depends on the Cookie Policy of an external web platform. It is essential to understand that if you accept Cookies on our website, you also agree to receive them at gambling operator’s sites. These Cookies guarantee that if you do not want to sign up now and decide to come back in another time, this service will anyway get credit for your play.

Our platform is funded by advertising profit. Without it, we cannot continue supporting our dispute resolution service, bonus reporting, and reviewing service. So, if you allow Cookies on your computer, you give us the possibility to provide you with all the things that you like on the website. Depending on the goal of the Cookies, some of them will last during the whole period you navigate on our website. Others will be removed after a pre-determined period.

Cookie Control: Browsers and Devices

We recommend you to enable Cookies on your device. In this case, you will easily browse our website and enjoy it to the uttermost. Otherwise, you can discover that some pages of our site may not open correctly and work more slowly.

If you have accepted Cookies and afterward alter your decision, you can correct the settings by choosing another browser. This measure can ensure that Cookies will not be applied while navigating on our website. Another option is to adjust the settings of your browser and clear Cookies currently stored on your computer or mobile device.

Do you have any other questions about deactivating or deleting Cookies? You can discover more details here.

Cookie Providers

Provider cookies are cookies deployed by us or our website operator who is authorized by us. Third-party cookies are kept and applied by other institutions or websites such as Web analytics tools. External providers can also use cookies for showing advertising or integrating information from social networks, for example, social plugins. To get more information on Web analytics tools, read below in the Cookie Policy.

Google Analytics and How to Deactivate It

On our website, we use one of the Web analytics tools from Google Inc., which is called Google Analytics. This service uses cookies for identifying the frequency of use of particular areas of our web platform as well as identifying preferences. The cookie generates the information associated with your usage of this online platform (including your truncated IP address). Then, data is delivered to a Google server in the USA where it is stored. Google treats this information for analyzing your use of the website, making reports on website activity, and offering other related services. Data may be transmitted by Google to third parties when required by law or in case third parties treat this information on behalf of Google.

Google Analytics can be deactivated using a browser add-on, which you can download. It keeps “opt-out” information on your computer or mobile device and deactivates Google Analytics. Please keep in mind that this opt-out can deactivate Google Analytics only for the browser and device form which you activated this option. If you clear cookies on your PC or tablet, you should reactivate the opt-out.


Hotjar is targeted at collecting non-personal data and providing you with better website experience. It can also diagnose technical issues and analyze essential trends.

Changes to the Policy

Please take into account that our Cookies Policy may be updated when needed. If you follow this page, you will be aware of all changes in this respect.