4 Reel Slots

4 reel slot games4 reel slots combine the good qualities of both 3 reel and 5 reel slots. If you love the high payouts, visuals and sounds that come with 5 reel, then take that and combine with the speed of 3 reel symbols and you will have the best of both worlds.

The 4 reel slots have 20 playlines which take different positions in the slot machines. They are either placed in a diagonal, horizontal or zigzag position across the reels. The 20 pay lines give many winning combinations for you to get your winnings and also the progressive jackpot. If you are in luck to spin and get the winning symbol combinations, you might even get more rewards such as bonus rounds and symbols for you to keep playing.

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Top 4 Reel Slot Machines

Some 4 reel machines will feature diamond symbols and others will have scatter symbols. If you want to try them, some of the games with 4 reel slots include:

  • Reel Kings
  • Bank Cracker
  • Charlie the Cat
  • Simply Wild

Since they are also slots, you are allowed to pick staking options of your choice though the stakes are usually mid-range stakes or lower. Familiarizing yourself with the payout percentage belonging to each slot is important; this helps you choose a 4 reel game that you are comfortable with.

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4 Reel Slot Producers

It takes the best casino software providers to power quality 4 reel slots. You don’t want your game to be ruined by poor visuals and sounds together with low speed. Luckily for you, you don’t have to sell your soul to handle the adrenaline pumping in wait for the next slot game. Some of the software providers have made sure that you get more than you ask for. In fact, you can even play some 4 reel slots free or using bonus rounds. They include:

  • 1×2 Gaming: The company is specialized in virtual sports games but are doing great in creating slot games for online casinos
  • 888 games: Have their own division named Random Logic that develops gaming slots software
  • NETent: It offers the best gaming solutions to online casinos by delivering some of the most played casino games.

It’s a good idea to know whether your casino of choice is backed up by the giants of the software production business. The only way is by looking at quality of the games and how smooth the interface is.

Top Local Casinos that Offer 4 Reel Slots

The finest casinos in Canada and the UK are obviously striving to give you the best of 4 reel slots and you do not know which casino is best for you. After all, aren’t 4 reel slot games the same no matter where I play? Our answer is no, casino games are not similar in every casino. Every casino tries to bring something special to the 4 reel slot games that we like to refer to as the “it factor”. Here is a good place to start:

You should find a casino that is suited to your needs and financial level if you want to enjoy playing the 4 reel slots.

The perfect way to enjoy 4 reel games is by ensuring that you play within your financial limit in a casino that is safe and compliant. However, remember to guard your bankroll. Sometimes the games can get into your head and leave you poor. Whichever the case, always remember to have fun.