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Classic slot gamesTalking about traditional casinos, let’s see how much the ‘old is gold’ adage holds weight. People will define classic slots differently. Any slot game that still has the mechanical reels, or one that tries to imitate the ideal classic slot structure, is a classic slot. They have three reels, with just one payline. As the name suggests, they are traditional, or, are designed to look like the old slot games which came with the first casinos. Games like wicked wins, Aztec Gold, and Pharaoh’s Flame.

Are these types of slots old-fashioned? Since this games have found their way into modern-day technologically powered casinos, the central question is, how old fashioned is old fashion? Why are the games still people favorites? In as much as we wake up to new game designs from software providers, the truth is, they rely on the classic mentalities to come up with something new. So, these classic slots are not old-fashioned, and there is nothing new, just an improvement of what has been in existence.

All casinos, have the classic slots. Probably because, some people are conservatives, while others are open to change. Or maybe, some players just want an experience of both. For the love of adventure, it won’t hurt to try out either side and appreciate the transition that slots have undergone since the beginning of time. So, as to which one is better, between the traditional slots and modern ones, is not subject to debate. Every player has unique preferences, so why not just have both of them? The only significant changes are that the modern ones are more sophisticated, with added provisions, while the older ones are simple to operate. However, the imitated versions of the then slot games have the touch of modern sophistication.

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Classic Slots on Mobile Devices

How capable are the classic slots on the mobile devices? Ironically, these ‘old-fashioned’ slots still hold weight, in the gambling world. Why would the manufacturers even think of incorporating them in the mobile devices, one of the latest introductions in the industry? And yes, the slots work perfectly fine on mobile devices, be it androids, iPhones, iOS.

The latest improvements have gone beyond the three reels, to electronically powered multi-line and multi-reel games.

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Classic Slots Software

Since classic slots have been around for quite some time, you will find many software providers stocking them. Some of them include:

  • Betsoft- The software uses the three-dimensional model to manufacture slot games. This is the classic slots technology. Betsoft has substantially invested in the slots, providing hundreds of games in this sector, using both the ancient concept and modern advancements.
  • Novomatic – This is a globally recognized casino games producer. They have both physical machines and online casinos, all of which have flourished, courtesy of their game quality. Novomatic slot games, have the classic slots concept, meaning, they operate on already existing theory, only that the approach is more technical.

Local Casinos that Play Classic Slots

Your search for casinos offering classic slots in UK and Canada ends here:

    • Casino Land Canada – It still is a young and upcoming casino, only launched in 2015. However, the games are undisputedly fantastic. At Local Land Canada, you will have all the fun with classic slots.
    • Leo Vegas – It is a top rated casino with several years of service. It fits the description of a real casino, with comprehensive management of all the aspects. Classic slots can’t miss out.
    • Spin Palace – It has a fair bonus scheme, highly powered games, and top-class software providers. If you are a classic slots lover, Spin Palace is your place.


Currently, the casino games have evolved, and this generation has a better gaming experience than the predecessors. We can conclusively say, that casinos, like any other sector, have significantly improved, especially with the internet. However, the casino idea is still operating on the original tenets. Yes, there are discoveries, advancements, and improvement, but these have all been built on what already was. It’s just an improvement.