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Mobile Slot GamesWhat comes to mind when you hear mobile slots? Are they slot games that move around with you? Like mobile phones? Well, somehow!

If you are new to the mobile gambling scene, the term “mobile slots” refer to slot games accessible to players from mobile devices (smartphones or tablets). So basically you can access them at any place where you can access your mobile device. With the definition out of the way, let’s talk about this “new technology” that is fast replacing the real slot machines and desktop slots.

Why are mobile slots so popular?

Truth is, you have a smartphone, he has a smartphone, she has a smartphone, in fact, “everyone” has a smartphone. Facts First; more than 35% of the world’s population owns a smartphone. And that’s not all; there are more than 1.2 billion tablets in use around the world.

All this spells convenience and casinos would not miss to tap into such a promising market. Besides, PCs and computers are still expensive and a bit heavy to carry around.

Desktop Slots VS Mobile Slots

Imagine yourself carrying a huge monitor on your lap on your way to work just so you can play your favorite slot games! Not pretty, right?

While the gameplay remains similar on both desktop and mobile slots, there is a considerable difference when it comes to user experience. Mobile slots offer superior gameplay than desktop slots thanks to a mobile device’s compact design. The compact design allows game developers to create more intuitive (thanks touchscreen) and personalized games to a level of degree that can’t be matched on PCs.

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What Devices Support Mobile Slot Games?

Do you have your mobile device with you? Whatever you have, be it a smartphone (Android, iOS, Blackberry) or tablet, you can enjoy your mobile slot games on the go!

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Top games with Mobile by producers


Top mobile slots producers

Wondering who are the brains behind these popular mobile slot games? They include:

  • Playtech; currently the most popular game developer within the gambling community. Offers exciting mobile slots and diverse casino products.
  • Microgaming; this is the oldest game developer in the gambling industry. Microgaming provides the most extensive collection of casino games including mobile slots with great RTPs.
  • NETENT; When it comes to creating high-quality game titles, no one does it better than NETENT. Despite being relatively young, NETENT’s games such as its mobile slots are famed for their superior quality.

Best Local Casinos to Play Mobile Slots

If you come from Canada or UK and are wondering where you can access mobile slots, worry no more. Most online casinos offer mobile slots but here are out top two:

  • 21Prive Casino; One of UK’s premier mobile casino operators. . What makes this casino a must try is the Unlimited High Roller Bonus on offer.
  • Videoslots; is a favorite operator among Canadians thanks to the multiple payment options integrated into the platform. InstaDebit makes using Videoslots worthwhile since it processes the transactions of Canadian players fast and securely.

If you haven’t tried the convenience and ease of play that comes with mobile slots, then you haven’t seen the good of gambling yet.