Tiki Totems Slot Review

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Reels: 5Autoplay: Yes
Lines: 25Wild symbol: Yes
Min bet: 0.25Scatter symbol: Yes
Max bet: 100Bonus: No
Jackpot: 500RTP: 94.97%
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The Tiki Totems slot by Gamesys is a funny old slot for the main reason that it looks like it has been cobbled together by a young child who has just started using a set of crayons that they have been given as a birthday present.

That may sound harsh to the developers of the game but take a look at the Tiki Totems slot for yourself and see what your first impressions of the game are.

The game has a few features which means that it is a notch above some of the more basic slots that are on the market but there is no getting away from the fact that the initial look of the slot is somewhat off putting for players who take their slot playing seriously.

If there was a slot which was squarely aimed at children then this would be it (there obviously isn’t a slot which is aimed at children because of the legal age for gambling) but you surely realise where we are coming from when we say that.

What is strange about the Tiki Totems slot though is that once you start the game it is actually quite an entertaining slot to play.

The reason for this is probably because it is different to most of the slots that you will have played in the past and it seems that there is always something going on because of the ‘busyness’ of the theme.

What is even more surprising is that the deeper you get into playing this slot, the more you realise that Gamesys have actually done a very good job and the bonus rounds are not only highly entertaining but they also hold great possibilities of a decent sized win.

Theme and subject

Game theme

The theme of the Tiki Totems slot seems to be the South Pacific, lots of sun, sea and everything that you can think of when dreaming of such a paradise.

There are a few slots of a similar nature on the market at the moment but when you think about it, this is yet another master stroke by Gamesys.

We all know only too well that slot players like to play games in which they have an interest of some kind.

Those with Irish roots love playing slots like Rainbow Riches, those who have an interest in all things Egypt love playing slots like Cleopatra.

With the Tiki Totems slot, people enjoy playing games like this in order to lift their mood.

There can’t be many other slots which have the ability to make the player think about the sun, sand and the sea on a cold winters evening than the Tiki Totems slot, so there is no doubt there will never be a shortage of willing players which is great news for any casino which hosts the game.

Symbols and soundtrack

Symbols and sound

The soundtrack of the slot is also quite surprising in that it is extremely catchy and it could even be argued that it tempts you to carry on playing the game when you might otherwise not.

That could be considered both a good thing and a bad thing, depending on which you are looking at it but for the point of this review, the Tiki Totems soundtrack fits the theme of the slot perfectly.

On first sight the symbols do look a little amateurish and as we mentioned earlier, they look like a young child have drawn them but if you put first impressions to one side you will see that they are another aspect of the Tiki Totems slot which suit the game perfectly.

Gamesys have really been around the block when it comes to developing online casino games so bearing that in mind, it is not difficult to realise that everything about this slot is exactly how Gamesys have intended it to be.

Perhaps if a new operator had brought out a game like this you could be forgiven for thinking that they were trying to cut corners but Gamesys are a wily old operator and they know exactly what it is that they are doing.

Bonus options

Bonus options

The bonus options for the Tiki Totems slot are quite straightforward and revolve around the cascading feature.

If you are not familiar with this feature (think Gonzo’s Quest) it is simply when a winning pay-line occurs, the symbols which make up the pay-line disappear and are replaced by the symbols which are situated immediately above them.

If an entire reel is replaced through the cascading feature, a stacked wild will cover the reel and this is where some bog wins can occur.

When the player has experienced four consecutive cascades they will qualify for the free spins feature and if you achieve even more cascades, this will result in more free spins.

Admittedly, the bonus options for the Tike Totems slot is not up there with something like the Ted slot but don’t underestimate it because it is more than possible to trigger some pretty big wins if lady luck happens to be smiling don on you.

Pros and cons

Pros and cons

Most players will find that when they have got over the initial first impressions of the Tiki Totems slot it actually has quite a lot going for it. 

It is a fun game to play and the free spins can actually be extremely profitable but the unfortunate thing is that some players will not even get that far because they will close the game down when they see it for the first time.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the game


  • The Tiki totems slot really is a fun game to play which is more than could be said for some other games out there
  • The soundtrack is great, suits the game perfectly
  • The graphics are also fun and add to the overall atmosphere of the game
  • A very easy game to play, even though the bonus round can look a little confusing the first time you play it


  • First impressions count for a lot in the world of online slots and the first impressions of this can look a little amateurish to some players.
  • It could be argued that the game is starting to look a little dated
  • The returns from the free spins can sometimes be a little disappointing
  • The catchy soundtrack could result in a player playing for longer than they first intended to play for

Similar games

Similar Games

If you enjoyed playing the Tiki Totems slot you should perhaps look at other games which feature the cascading reels as this could be regarded as being a feature which many online casino players put at the top of their list when it comes to what they look for in an online slot.

With that in mind, the fist slot you should consider is Gonzo’s Quest because this slot is widely considered as being the Daddy of the cascading feature.

To be perfectly honest, the cascading feature on the Tiki Totems slot is not far short of this one but it is recommended that you take a look so that you can compare the two.

Another slot to try would have to be the Gemix slot which could be described as being very full on, especially when the cascading feature triggers which is actually very often.

It is actually quite difficult to find an online casino where you can play the Tiki Totems slot.

It would seem that it has been difficult for some players to overcome that initial first impression but if you do play the game, always take the time to look at the different bonus options which are available.

There are terms and conditions which are attached to these bonuses so make sure that you always read the small print but here are a list of the online casinos where the Tiki Totems slot can be played and the sign up bonus that they offer.

  • William Hill Casino – 100% to £50
  • Virgin Games– 100% to £100
  • StarSpins Casino – 100% to £200
  • JackpotJoy Casino – 100% to £100
  • Heart Bingo Casino – 100% to £100

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