Super Monopoly Money Slot Review

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Played 3 times
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Reels: 5Autoplay: Yes
Lines: 25Wild symbol: Yes
Min bet: 0.35Scatter symbol: Yes
Max bet: 105Bonus: No
Jackpot: 250RTP: 95.97%
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If you are looking for a slot where you just hit the start button every couple of seconds without the need for any advanced graphics, then you will be disappointed with the Super Monopoly Money slot.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a slot which will keep you rivetted to your screen, you won’t be disappointed.

This offering from WMS really does push the boundaries in the world of online slots and you could argue that is more like watching a show on Netflix as opposed to playing an online slot.

Theme and subject

Game theme

The subject of the game is as the name would suggest the world-famous Monopoly board game.

Credit has to go to WMS because it was widely believed within the online gambling industry that they had taken a big risk when they purchased the license from IGT but it is looking like it was an extremely astute business decision.

Most people are familiar with the Monopoly board game (from the days when people used to play board games as a form of entertainment instead of staring at a computer screen all day!) and this slot has basically taken the Monopoly as you know it to the next level.

It would be a misleading statement to say that the Super Monopoly Money slot is difficult to play as that would be defeating the object because players would simply look elsewhere if they couldn’t figure out how to play it.

A better description would be that it is extremely entertaining to play as it seems that there is always something going on and once you land on one of the bonus rounds it takes the entertainment level up a couple of notches.

The soundtrack is perfect for the game and even somebody without any slot playing experience will be able to tell that this is a high-end production of a game.

It would not be much of a surprise to learn that other slot game producers will be slightly worried about the quality of Super Monopoly Money slot because it will mean that some of their more basic offerings will be exposed as falling short in terms of game quality.

This is obviously great news for the online slot player and the industry in general because it will mean that the standard of lot game can only go one way and that is up!

Symbols and soundtrack

Symbols and sound

The Super Monopoly Money slot consists of five reels and twenty five pay lines which is normal for slots of this type but one of the first differences that you see when compared to other slots is that there is a difference in the symbols.

Over ninety percent of slot games have reverted to the usual Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace as their base symbols and to be perfectly honest, you would think that they would use a bit of imagination and come up with something just a little bit different.

Well, that is exactly what WMS have done because you will probably be pleased to know that there isn’t one of those aforementioned symbols in sight.

Instead, the symbols relate to the pieces that are used in the traditional Monopoly board game and they are a man with a flat cap, a pot of money, a car, a boot, a top hat, a battleship, a Monopoly man, a bus, a taxi and a dog.

Then there are six special symbols and they consist of a regular wild symbol, free parking, a regular bonus symbol, an MM bonus, an MM wild and a jackpot symbol.

The backdrop to the reels features Big Ben in London and the Eiffel Tower in Paris so the scene is obviously set to give the impression of big money property deals.

If you take your time and just observe the Super Monopoly Money slot you will no doubt, see that nothing has been left out in terms of a quality slot playing experience.

Little details like the changing soundtrack which corresponds with the slot playing action, the quality of the symbols as well as the overall game.

New players might not notice these extra touches of quality about the game but those who have been in the game for a number of years will surely appreciate what is going on here.

Bonus options

Bonus options

This is where the Super Monopoly Money slot really comes into its own as the bonus round are superb, really entertaining and if luck is on your side, potentially profitable.

Let’s start with the Wheel bonus and MM wild

Don’t lose heart if you think you have just had a losing spin because there is always the possibility that the MM wild symbol will appear on reel five.

If it does, the symbol will expand to reveal any prizes, and this can be between ten and one hundred times the stake which has been used.

If the prize which has been awarded is in the form of Monopoly money, this sum will be moved to the reward box above the reels and a wheel can then be spun which will then land on a cash prize which is either equal to the Monopoly fund or a multiplier which can go up to one hundred times the stake.

There are some extra bonuses on the wheel itself which include a community chest bonus which can result in a multiplier of between one and twenty-five and a chance bonus which involves choosing a card which will either give an award all prize or anything between a one and twenty-five times stake.

That bonus alone would probably be enough for most slot games but there is far more to come with this slot.

If a free parking symbol appears on the last four reels a feature will be triggered in which five free parking symbols will appear underneath the reels.

One of these symbols will take the place of all of the free parking symbols and the winning lines will be recalculated accordingly.

The final bonus is the free spins which are activated when three or more of the bonus symbols appear on the reels from left to right.

The most usual scenario is three bonus symbols which will result in eight free spins, but four or five bonus symbols will result in either ten or fifteen free spins.

If the house or hotel symbol appears on a non-winning line, this will result in winning Monopoly money of between five and one hundred credits.

Pros and cons

Pros and cons

It would be a big surprise if most slot players don’t absolutely love this game, but it usually goes back to that old chestnut if a player has won or lost whilst playing there as to whether they like the game or not.

With that in mind though, here are a list of the pros and cons of the Super Monopoly Money slot


  • Superb graphics and a great gameplay experience
  • Bonus rounds seem to appear of a regular basis.
  • Soundtrack suits the game perfectly


  • If you don’t like Monopoly you won’t enjoy this game
  • The bonus rounds sometimes don’t pay out as much as you might have expected.
  • Can sometimes be frustrating when a bonus round does not appear

Similar games

Similar Games

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This is another game in which anything can happen with and keep an eye on TED lying in front of the reels because he can get up at any time and trigger a number of different bonuses which often pay well.

On top of that, there is a lucrative free spin round.

Where to play

Where to play

As you can probably imagine, there are lots of casinos which offer the Super Monopoly Money slot.

A selection of these casinos is listed below alongside any sign-up bonuses that the casinos are offering at this particular time.

It is advisable that you always take the time to read the terms and conditions of these bonuses, but they can add a lot of value to your slot playing experience.

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