Maestro Online Casinos Review

When a card is designed with the type of top notch security system that MasterCard is known for, it will always be the darling of many online gamblers. That is why the maestro payment system that came into being in 1992 garnered a very huge number of users. It has with more than 12 million point-of-sales outlets across the world and presents a safe, convenient and innovative way of making online transactions and payments.

The Maestro debit card system is one of the subsidiaries of the MasterCard group. They are issued by banks and other financial institutions, and designed in such a way that they could be linked to the bank accounts of the holders. They could also be issued as prepaid cards too. In the physical shops, the cards are presented by the owners at the pint-of-sales, and when swiped through the payment system, read by a card reader, or pushed through a chip and PIN reader, the transactions is done. The process involves the institution that issued the card authorizing it by confirming that the holder has sufficient balance in his bank account and the holder inserting his 4 or 6 digit PIN or by signing the sales receipt, to authorize the payment.

There are also some cases where you will need to authorize the transactions through an online electronic system before they could go through. In this case, the details that are stored in the magnetic stripe or the chip must be read correctly before any transactions. The merchant that wants to receive the payment will send the instruction to the issuing bank, and they have to give their full authorization before transaction is carried out. If the information cannot be read because of errors or network failure, the transaction will be declined by the merchant. The difference here is that other debit and credit cards may accept the entering of the information in a manual form. Here the expiry date and the 19 digits on the terminal or card are punched.

Maestro Online Casinos

The great thing about the Maestro payment system is that it has a very wide reach, in the sense that in almost all the continents of the world, you will see a lot of countries where it operates. With 15 million point-of-sales outlets all over the world, it became one of the best payment systems for online casinos. Its top notch security was one of the major reasons why many casinos adopted it.

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Types of Casinos accepting Maestro

Casinos That Accept Maestro

When a payment system has the number of qualities that the Maestro card system has, nothing will stop it from attracting many casinos. That is why there is a lot Maestro online casinos scattered in different countries of the world. In fact, the question should not be about the number of casinos that make use of the Maestro payment system, because they are so numerous. The question should be about the number that does not. If you want to have a taste of what it means to enjoy Maestro as a payment system for casino games, you should get to Bet365 Casino, 188Bet Casino, 32 Red Casino, BetFred Casino, Betsafe Casino, Betsson Casino, BitStarz Casino, Boylecasino, Casino Cruise, an Casino Room. Others are CasinoEuro, EmuCasino, EuroSlots, InterCasino, Interwetten Casino, and Jetbull Casino, Ladbrokes Casino, Maria Casino, Mr Smith Casino, and Oshi Casino.

Advantages of Maestro Online Casinos

  • User-friendly, real time and instant payments
  • Very low transaction fees and charges
  • Transactions could be tracked via online banking
  • Card is not personalized for security reasons and it’s accepted in more than 100 countries

Disadvantages of Maestro Online Casinos

  • Monthly maintenance fees

Maestro Casino Types

When you talk about the Maestro online casinos types, it has no traditional categorization. But we can place them in categories depending on the types of casinos where you can enjoy Maestro payments and the types of Maestro cards available. Using the first categorization, we will have the mobile, desktop and live maestro casinos. The mobile type involves those casino games you can enjoy with the maestro card on the go. The desktop set covers the desktop download or no download casino games you can fund with Maestro, while the live Maestro casinos involve the games you can fund with Maestro and stream online while it is happening on the video studios.

Moving to the card types, we have the Debit Maestro cards that are linked to the issuing bans directly. You can get online casinos that accept transactions from them. There are also Maestro online casinos that accept payments from the Prepaid Maestro cards that are pre-loaded with the particular amount you want to play with. The next is the Gift Card Maestro casinos where the funds to play with can be loaded on them just once. It does not need any bank account to do this.

Countries Where Maestro Operates

The Maestro online casinos are found in every part of the world because no matter where the online casinos are operating from, you can play them from any part of the world. But the issue is that while some countries accept online casino games as legal and maestro as authorized payment system for the casino games, some others do not. The Maestro online casino payment system is fully and legally accepted as an authorized payment system in the United Kingdom. So, there are many Maestro online casinos that you can enjoy in the UK. Many other European countries like Germany, Austria, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Belgium, Denmark, accept Maestro online casino payments. So, you can enjoy Maestro casinos in these countries. Though Maestro is accepted as a source of transaction in Australia, New Zealand and the United States, it is prohibited for use in online casino payments in these countries. Canada as a country also accepts Maestro payments, but not for online casinos. However, in all these countries that do not offer local casinos with Maestro, you can still play foreign Maestro online casinos.


  • Is Maestro safe, and why?

    Yes, the maestro payment system is secured with MasterCard’s security system

  • Do All Casinos Accept Maestro?

    No, it’s not all casinos that accept Maestro

  • What Casinos Accept Maestro?

    Bet365 Casino, 188Bet Casino, 32 Red Casino, BetFred Casino, Betsafe Casino and some others

  • Are There Any Fees Charged by Maestro?

    Yes, there are transaction fees and monthly maintenance fees

  • Are Maestro Deposits Instant?

    Yes, Maestro payments clear and reflect within a few seconds

  • Can I use Maestro for Depositing in UK and Canada?

    You can use Maestro to deposit in the UK, but not in Canada

  • Can I Use Maestro in Mobile Casinos?

    Yes, there are many Maestro mobile casinos