Top Virtual Reality Casinos In 2019

vr casinosIt is time to forget about what we know about the now popular online casinos. Most people picture a hall full of flashing lights, multiple tables, and slot machines when they think about casinos. Well, this is about to change with the entrance of virtual reality into the gaming space. Most people do not have the time to go to traditional offline casinos and this is where VR casinos come in. You can experience the interactive feel that is only offered by physical casinos with 2D and 3D platforms.

Old gaming platforms might have a difficult time competing with VR casinos especially now that analysts predict that VR gaming will hit the $520 billion yearly mark by 2021.Some of the most interesting features include realistic slot machines, 3D gaming tables, display of body gestures, in-game chats and real casino sounds that create the necessary surrounding.

What Devices Are Compatible With Virtual Reality Casinos

To enjoy what virtual reality online casinos have to offer, you will need to have VR gear. Most VR gears are modern and this means that they will work well with the newly introduced VR casinos. There are different VR gears and some can actually work seamlessly with mobile phones which makes the VR casino vibe more interesting.

However, it is still important to check the compatibility of the VR gear to make sure it matches the requirements of VR casinos. If you are using your phone or the PlayStation 4 console you might not have to worry about compatibility. If you choose to use a computer, make sure you check the required specifications.

Best Local Virtual Reality Casinos

There are not that many virtual reality online casinos but we will have a look at those that have been launched in the UK and Canada. In the UK, the top VR casino is Slots Million casino availed to UK players in 2017. SlotsMillion casino is also available for Canadian players and offers a whole lot of fun and a new realistic experience.

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What Games Can Be Played In Virtual Reality Casinos Though the virtual reality casino concept is still new, there are already popular VR casino games. Some of the most popular VR casino games in 2018 include online roulette, online blackjack, Miss Midas, Starburst, and Jack and the beanstalk

New Virtual Reality Casinos Bonuses

What Bonuses Are Available For Virtual Reality Casinos

Casinos always offer bonuses for the obvious reason of attracting new players. When choosing the best virtual reality casino in 2018, make sure you read the bonus terms and conditions. Here are a few bonuses that are offered by VR casinos:

  • Welcome bonus: This is a bonus players get when they sign up. It is also known as a no deposit bonus because you do not have to deposit to get it.
  • Deposit bonus: As the name suggest, the bonus is tied to the first deposit and in some cases to every other deposit you make
  • Loyalty bonus: Some VR casinos reward players for sticking with them for a certain period
  • Referral bonus: you can get a bonus by simply inviting your friend to your favorite casino and convincing them to deposit some money

How To Deposit And withdraw Money From Virtual Reality Casinos

Most Virtual reality online casinos are the same casinos that offer popular online casino games. For this reason, you can expect the same payment methods such as e-wallets, mobile phone transfer, credit cards, debit cards, and cryptocurrency.