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Thunderkick is one of the newest online casino slots brands in the industry, although that has made a name for themselves in a very short space of time. Thunderkick is based in Stockholm, Sweden and, while they have only produced a relatively small number of slots to date, have earned a reputation for producing highly original, highly innovative, and extremely fun and humour-filled slots. Thunderkick slots feature incredible animations and unique characters, with interesting gameplay that have endured them to the hearts of online slots players all over the world.

Producer History

Thunderkick is still in its infancy, particularly when compared to software brands such as Microgaming, Playtech and NetEnt (formerly Net Entertainment). Thunderkick was founded in 2012 and, interestingly, by software and games designers formerly in the employ of NetEnt. However, the road to success for Thunderkick was not an easy one as this fledgling brand had to design their own proprietary software, a slow and often painstaking process.
By 2014, Thunderkick had designed and created a total of eight unique slot games and proceeded to sign a deal for delivery with Unibet. The deal with Unibet gave Thunderkick the exposure that they needed within the online casino slots community. As Unibet players began to experience Thunderkick’s unique blend of humour, incredible animations and innovative game designs, found in games such as EsqueletoExplosivo, Birds on a Wire, Bork the Bezerker and others, so the reputation of Thunderkick began to spread.

Devices and OS compatibility

Perhaps due to just how new Thunderkick is in the world of online casino gaming design, or the fact that many of their designers used to work for NetEnt, every Thunderkick game has been designed from the ground up to work on virtually every device and operating system. This of course is largely thanks to the fact that every Thunderkick game is designed and created using HTML5, which means that every game features incredible digital graphics which look fantastic on any device screen, regardless of size or specifications. It also means that games load fast on any device, including smartphones, tablets, notebooks, laptops or desktops. Thunderkick games can be accessed on Windows and Windows Phone devices, iOS for MacBook, iPhone or iPad, Android phones and tablets, and many other devices capable of running HTML5.

Producer Games Features

While most slots manufacturers concentrate on bonus features, Thunderkick has decided that the way to stand out is to concentrate on the actual design of the games themselves. This includes the way in which they present their reels in games such as Birds on a Wire, Not Enough Kittens and so forth.
Other interesting and useful in-game features include the ability to configure each game to your liking, including removing the soundtrack and keeping the sounds associated with winning combinations, or removing the sounds altogether. You can also control the speed of gameplay or play on auto play, with as many as five thousand automatic spins allotted.

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Best casino games by Thunderkick

Picking top games from the Thunderkick stable is quite a tough ask, especially when one considers how dynamic their design team can be, producing original after original theme, look and feel. The fact that Thunderkick finds their forte in replacing conventional reels with theme-based icons or objects is phenomenal.
Thunderkick is the epitome of quality versus quantity and a game like EsqueletoExplosivo is the perfect example of this ethos. As you may have guessed from the name of this slot, the theme here is Mexican, combining the Day of the Dead with music. Putting winning combos together will produce ‘singing lines’ accompanied by exploding skulls, often with special Elvis-looking skulls creating even bigger and more rewarding explosions. EsqueletoExplosivo is one of the most popular and most played Thunderkick slots on the web right now.
Another highly innovative favourite is Bird on a Wire, featuring reels that are made of electric wire. The idea here is that, as birds land on the wires, they fry and sometimes explode in winning combinations. The birds that survive fall into the gaps left over by the exploded (and now departed) birds, with more birds replacing them which obviously lead to more wins per round. However, nature lovers need not worry as the whole game is very tongue in cheek and very comical.
Thunderkick is all about fun, entertaining slots and continue to provide innovative and highly original themes with brilliant graphics, adorable characters and more. The five mentioned below are also a great place to get started with Thunderkick slots:
• Pink Elephants
• Not Enough Kittens
• Luchadora
• Turning Totems
• Bork the Bezerker

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Best Casinos with Thunderkick Games

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While Thunderkick may be considered to be a small producer of slots, especially when compared to the likes of Microgaming and NetEnt, they still manage to supply their high quality slots to a surprisingly diverse range of top tier online casinos. This speaks volumes not only for the innovation and quality of design that goes into every Thunderkick slot; it also says a lot about just how in demand their fun range of slots really are. You can enjoy Thunderkick’s charming and highly original slots at the following casinos (among many others of course):
1. Betsson Casino
2. Casumo Casino
3. BIrstarz Casino
4. Kaboo Casino
5. Casino Room
It’s really not at all surprising to see adventure-based gamification casinos such as Kaboo Casino and Casumo Casino on this list since Thunderkick slots, with their highly original and hip themes and characters fit right in with the new way of enjoying online casino games and slots.