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3 Reel slot gamesSlots have evolved over the years to what they are today! From wooden spinning wheels to virtual 3D images, I must say that slots have taken a huge leap, technologically. Even as we enjoy the glamor that comes with the new slots, the old three reel slots remain relevant. Not only as the historical origin of all slots but as a delightful game enjoyed by many, especially the elderly and newbies.

The 3 reel slots are the original design of the slots machine. Back in the day when the slots machines were limited to the fruit machine, the armed bandit, and the liberty bell. You had to drop actual coins into the machine and take your turn moving the lever as you watch the wheels turn. From the name, the slots machine contains three reels as opposed to the modern 7-10 reel machines.

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Top 3-Reel Slots Machines

there are numerous three reel slots offered today. They are all similar in terms of how to play and the rules of the games. There are minor variations that make the individual games unique. Some of the high ranking games include;

  • Jackpot jester 50,000
  • Fire Jocker game
  • Wheel of wealth
  • Tripple diamond game
  • Bar Bar Blacksheep
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Top 3- Reel slots Producers

Three reel slots may be deemed outdated by some but it still has its perks. That is why it is being produced up to date. They are simple to understand and play as compared to slots with a higher number of reels. The 3 reels slots also offer greater chances of winning. They have multiple wildcards and multipliers with a higher frequency of appearance compared to the others, therefore, giving more payouts and more chances of winning. Some of the top 3 reel producers include;

International Gaming Technologies

IGT is the greatest gaming technology producer in the world. Its services range from offline to online casinos all around the world. It offers one of the best software and hardware for three reel slots.

Pinball Revolutionary

Founded in 1943, Pinball revolutionary, which started off as a company developing pinball machines eventually diversified into slots. It provided one of the earliest models of slots machines. It still produces slots software up to date.

Sigma gaming(Japanese conqueror)

The Japanese conqueror is a Japanese gaming company that has since gained international footing and recognition. Part of their products are 3-reel software currently being used in numerous casinos worldwide.

Where to Play 3-Reel Slots for Real Money in Canada or UK

Almost every ancient casino has a three reel slot machine. The 3 reel slots were among the very first slots machines and by extension among the very first few non-card games found in casinos at that time. It is almost impossible to miss a three reel slot game in a casino. If you are looking for more than just the presence of a three reel slots machines and you would like to try a hand, here are some of the places you might be interested to look:

  • Aspers Casino –Stanford City
  • Ranbow Casino-Birmingham
  • Park-lane casino-London
  • Casino Niagara
  • Casino De Montreal

The first three casinos are based in the UK and the last two are based in Canada. Don’t miss out on the 3-reel slots fun!