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      Features of this game:
      Reels: -Autoplay: No
      Lines: -Wild symbol: No
      Min bet: 1Scatter symbol: No
      Max bet: 1000Bonus: No
      Jackpot: -RTP: 97%
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      Mini roulette is one of the most interesting games for beginners. Online casinos introduce mini roulette with fewer betting options and numbers. It seems to be attractive not only for beginners but also for expert players. Find out the key features of mini roulette and read the review.

      Theme and subject of this roulette

      Game theme

      Mini roulette is a casino game which includes 12 numbers instead of original 36. Here you will find 6 red and 6 black pockets as well as zero one. The winning chance is lower followed by a higher house edge. This is a result of fewer number of pockets in the game. The zero pockets are largely presented on the wheel and your chances are in correlation with it.

      When you play mini-roulette you can place bets on single numbers. This is an easy option compared to the regular roulette type. Mini-roulette also introduces La Partage rule and returns you half of the bet, when the ball lands on zero pocket.

      General atmosphere and impressions

      The atmosphere of mini-roulette is pleasant. You enjoy the game with simple rules and various options. Compared to the regular roulette, here you have fewer betting options and different payouts. The game starts when you choose the chip value and place your bet. The amount of bet is in the range from 0,10 to €200. The house edge percentage amounts of 7%. By playing mini-roulette, you can make the following choices:

      • betting on the single number
      • betting on the range of numbers
      • betting on the even/odd numbers
      • betting on the pocket color red/black

      Symbols and soundtrack

      Symbols and sound

      Mini roulette introduces a variety of symbols and features. Here you can enjoy the basic roulette rules but also apply something new. Mini roulette keeps the original outside and inside bets, but also introduces new betting options. Here you can see possible betting variations:

      • straight-up bet on any number with 11:1 payout chance
      • split or bet on any two numbers in a row
      • street or bet on three numbers in a row
      • corner or placing a chip where four numbers meet
      • column or betting that winning number is a part of four numbers in the column
      • half dozen or betting on the half of the number

      Bonus options

      Bonus options

      As we already noticed, mini-roulette comes with fewer numbers and better prabability to choose the right number. This comes with lower payouts for possible winnings. Here you have some information on possible winnings chances:

      • even/odd number bet comes with 1:1 payout
      • red/black number bet comes with 1:1 payout chance
      • half dozen bet brings 1:1 payout
      • column and corner bet bring 2:1 payout rate
      • street bet brings 3:1 payout chance
      • split comes with 5:1 payout
      • straight-up options appears with 11:1 payout

      Where to play

      Pros and cons

      If you want to participate in the mini-roulette adventure, we recommend casinos provided by Playtech developer. Playtech stands outs with engaging graphics as well as easy to play strategy. You can play mini-roulette for free or test real money option.

      UK casinos are well-known for a variety of options and game choice. There are multiple sites to sample mini-roulette including Leo Vegas, Bet Victor, Betfair, 888 casinos, Betway platform, and Mr. Green. Leo Vegas is number one platform in the UK. It comes with up to €300 welcome bonus and excellent games choice. Bet Victor is another place with many benefits like €10 up to €50 welcome bonus. You can also try with Betfair and enjoy €10 up to €100 welcome bonus and 5 free chips.

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