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    Slot Games with Scatter SymbolsScatter symbols are the silver lining you need in any slot game. They are not the usual reel symbols you encounter while playing, but a pack of rewards which do not just make you win, but win big time. What exactly are they? They randomly appear anywhere in the reel, potentially allowing a player to win a return on the placed bet.

    To win a slot game, you must match symbols and let them fall on the win line on the reels. However, scatter symbols don’t follow this rule. Whenever they appear, you will receive a reward, in the form of a win or even bonuses. Okay, simple English, they are symbols that simply make you win, or initiate a winning combination, without necessarily being in a payline. Easy, right?

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    Top Producers of Slots with Scatter Symbols

    Identifying and playing games with the scatter symbol provision is a guarantee to a fair deal for you. Which team is responsible for making your sun shine brighter?

    • MicroGaming – leading casino game producer and software anchor. Provides both 3-reel and 5-reel slots which have games with the desired scatter symbols. For instance, Oranges and Lemons, Game of Thrones, and, Tomb Raider.
    • Game OS – An online casino software with outstanding performance on service delivery. It has hundreds of slot games with amazing incentives like scatters and bonuses, like Sea of Gold, and Mega of Oz.

    Where to Play for Real Money

    The moment you decide to invest your hard earned cash (well, not always hard-earned- but still your money) on the slots, or any other game, your solemn goal is to win. Here are the casinos in UK or Canada that will give you fair deals as you wait for the scatter magic:

    • Maple Casino – This Canadian based casino has it all. A well-endowed series of games, and just the slots you are looking for. You will even find a better bonus than the scatter symbols, a jackpot!
    • Mansion Casino UK – The several scatter games available are easy to play. Just throw in a coin and wait for the miracle. You stand a chance of getting several bonuses; the much coveted scatter option also included.

    The scatter symbol offer might get you over excited, and right now you could be imagining how you are going to spend the massive cash from slots. Wait, not all slot games have this offer! Sad, right? Most 5 reel slots do have it. But how can one ever tell? Here’s the heads-up, get to the slot section, on each game, click on the Paytable icon. That’s where the entire information is. All of it! We advise you always to read this section before you start playing. We don’t want you to experience heart attacks after disappointments.