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While Nektan may have had a slow start, when they appeared on the scene of online casinos, in the last few years they have made a truly inspired breakthrough to become one of the busiest providers of online casino games. What really makes Nektan stand out from all the rest developers is the custom-made Evolve platform for seamless gaming across different devices, including smartphones, tablets, as well as laptop and desktop PCs. Another thing that stands out is the fact that they are investing equally in both real money and free to play games, which is not something every company can boast of.

About Company

The company was founded in 2011 by Gary Shaw a veteran of the online gambling market. The main focus of the company right from the get-go was to position themselves as a top provider of online gambling and casino games. His last venture, St Minver, was sold to GTECH, in order to get the needed funds to kick off Nektan. In addition to that, Gary managed to set up a team of experienced industry professionals, in order to be able to produce top-notch quality content.

One of the main breakthroughs was acquiring Evolve platform, which allowed Nektan produced games to be played on any device and operating system. The popularity of Evolve started to grow at a steady pace, bringing more than a 150 different white label casinos, powered by it, a milestone the company is quite proud of. Another factor that makes Nektan stand out from the competition is special attention and effort they put into acquiring new and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Producer History

Since their beginnings in 2011, the company saw a steady growth over the course of 3 years, which was the main reason behind their choice to raise capital by selling stocks. They went live in November of 2014 and raised an astonishing sum of £4.1M on the first day of trading, which means the base value of Nektan at that moment was about £50M. Using the funds they had from selling stocks they managed to create Evolve, which has been a huge success for the company. A month after they went live, Nektan started forging new partnerships, with LeoVegas at the helm. This allowed the company to showcase their games and brand on one of the major online casinos market players.

They kicked off 2015 with another key partnership in February, this time with News UK, to create a game dubbed Sun Play as a product of The Sun Newspaper. The plan was to create a slots game that was specifically optimized for mobile phones and that would offer both free to play and real money gambling options. Their good business relations do not end there, as not long after that, they partnered with Channel 4, UK’s leading TV broadcaster to produce a free bingo game based on their popular cooking show Come Dine with Me.

Devices and OS compatibility

Nektan slots and casinos were always oriented towards the latest technological advancements, which saw the quick and powerful rise of online casinos, as well as gaming content that follows. They made full use of HTML5 code, which allows you to gamble or play for fun on any portable device, as well as desktop PCs. The payment processes are quite simple and user-friendly, which is not something that should be overlooked, as the majority of online gambling providers have a rather confusing payment system in place.

However, the ease of use is not the only trait of the payment system that merits a closer look. You can pay by using your mobile phone number and no credit cards are needed, which minimized the risk of fraud. Nektan works hard to promote responsible gambling, which is why the daily deposit limit is set to £30. The best part of it all is that this system can be applied to any device you could think of, from iPads, iPhones and MAC OS, to Android phones, tablets, and even Desktops.

Producer Games Features

Because of their focus on mobile casino gaming, the games in their portfolio tend to have quite attractive animations, which are specifically optimized to run smoothly on mobile devices. In order to position themselves well on the market, they went the extra mile when it comes to design, with all of their games having a fresh, modern outlook.

With their focus on making the best mobile casino games, it comes as no surprise that the functionality of the games is amazing, with many exciting features, such as intuitive bonus spins and a user-friendly interface. The main type of games they produce is slots, casino table, and scratch card games. The diversity of their portfolio is quite obvious, ranging from freemium bingo games to fully licensed premium online slots.

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Best casino games by Nektan

    Best of British is probably the company’s most popular slot game, mainly due to the popularity of the U.S. players, because of the various British stereotypes it has within itself. Another top performer is Carnival Cup slot, which is simply perfect for any soccer fan. Jungle Spins is a great spin game, with exclusive bonuses and vivid graphics.

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