Entropay Online Casinos

Entropay was born in 2000 by lxaris with the intention of helping its customers make online payments without the restrictions of their location or credit history. Entropay, being a virtual prepaid system, allows the user to choose between a prepaid Mastercard and Visa card. The card is delivered instantly on your screen upon request, and you can use it to make payments at any casino of your choice.

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Types of Casinos accepting Entropay

Casinos That Accept Entropay

Being the first virtual prepaid card in Europe and the fact that is it associated with Visa- a strong brand name, Entropay is widely accepted by many casinos online.
If you are looking for the best casinos that accept Entropay, then you will have to consider factors like the amount of bonuses and promotions they offer, how sleek their website is and the variety of games offered in these casinos. Customer service and payout percentages also come in handy when choosing the best Entropay online casinos.
To help you narrow down your choices, here are the best Entropay online casinos that will allow you to use Entropay for both deposits and withdrawals. They include:

What are The Benefits of Entropay Online Casinos

  • Convenience: You can use Entropay at any casino where Visa is accepted
  • Cash management: You can manage your spending at any casino since you can only use what is in the card
  • Speed: You get the card instantly on your screen, and you can use it right away
  • Versatility: You can use your Entropay card as a Visa card
  • Accepts several currencies like GBP, EUR and USD

The only downside you will experience while using Entropay is the fees incurred while transacting. The casino will deduct some of your winnings, and you will also be charged while topping up your card.

How Entropay Online Casinos Work

The first step to using Entropay online casinos is setting up an Entropay account. You only need to go to Entropay website to register. You will be asked to provide basic personal information, and within minutes, your account will be ready for use, and you will receive a virtual Visa card on your screen. The card will come with the card number, CVS and card holders name.

You will then need to top up your card using whichever method you prefer between debit and credit cards or bank transfer. If you want to play immediately, then bank transfer will not be the best option as this could take some time.
The next step will be to register with an Entropay online casino. You will be prompted to choose a banking method for your online casino account. You will then select Entropay.

To make a deposit after selecting Entropay, you will be asked to enter your card details and the amount you want to deposit. Note that you can only choose an amount that is already in your Entropay Prepaid Visa card. The amount will reflect instantly on your account and you can start playing your favorite games.

To cash out your winnings, you will go to the withdraw button, and select Entropay. You will then enter the amount you want to want to withdraw and the amount will be sent to your Entropay Visa card. You can use that amount you shop or transfer it to your bank account and credit or debit cards.

Entropay Types

When you sign up for an Entropay account, you will be prompted to choose from their account levels: Basic, Standard, and Pro. The higher the account limit, the higher your deposits and withdrawal limits. You will also be eligible for more Entropay cards when you upgrade to higher account level.

The Cost of Using Entropay Online Casinos

Some services like registering with Entropay and opening an Entropay account is free. It is also free to load your online casino account using Entropay.

However, different services will attract different charges. For instance, you will incur a cost of 2% as foreign exchange fees every time you make online purchases. You will incur a cost of $0.20 to transfer funds between your Entropay cards and another 1.95% fees when an online merchant sends money to your Entropay card. You will also pay 4.95% fee to transfer money to your Entropay account from your debit or credit card.

Once you cash out your winnings to your Entropay card and you want to make a transfer to your debit or credit card, you will incur a $6 cost.

Countries where Entropay Operates

Entropay is accepted in many online casinos across the globe. However, they have a list of countries on their site where their services are not supported. If you live in Canada, US, UK or Australia, then you can use Entropay at any place that accepts Visa.


  • Is Entropay safe? And why?

    Yes, Entropay systems are very secure. Lxaris system has an encrypted system that ensures all their client’s information are protected from any form of fraud. The fact that they are also certified by UK financial Services authority means that they are compliant with all security regulations.

  • Can I withdraw the won money from a casino via Entropay?

    Absolutely. If the online casino operates in a country where Entropay services are and accepts Entropay, then you can use it for withdrawals.

  • What are the alternatives for UK and Canadian players?

    If Entropay doesn’t make the cut for you, then you can use Ecopayz, Credits cards or Bitcoin to make your online casino payments.

  • Can I use Entropay in mobile casino?

    Yes. Most Entropay online casinos have mobile applications that are supported by Android, iOS and Windows. That means that if the online casino accepts Entropay, then you can use it on its mobile platform too.

  • Can someone track and identify my Entropay transactions?

    No. Entropay is anonymous. This means that all your information cannot be shared with anyone and no one can access or track your usage.

  • Are Entropay deposits and withdrawals instant?

    When you deposit using Entropay Visa or Debit card, your amount will reflect instantly in your Entropay online casino. However, if you use bank transfer, you will have to wait a bit longer but you will be charged less. Withdrawals will take some time due to normal casino processing.

  • Do all casinos accept Entropay?

    Due to its global availability, Entropay is widely accepted in many online casinos. The best part is that you can use Entropay at any online casino that accepts Visa or Mastercard.