Ethereum online Casinos reviews

Majority of the present day gamblers are seeking for online casinos that make use of Ethereum as one of the payment methods, and the reason for this search is not far-fetched. Ether is among the strongest and biggest crypto currencies after Bitcoin. It presents a very good alternative for online casino payments and trumps many other payment systems because of its ‘smart contracts,’ which allows players to create the Ethereum Virtual Machine on the blockchain. This is meant to enhance more trust between players and the casinos. Of course, anything that brings more confidence between these two parties will always be welcomed.

One other reason why people choose the Ether above even Bitcoin for online casino payments is because while it is as secure and anonymous as the Bitcoin in all transactions, Ether has an added advantage. That is the fact that the deposit and withdrawal times with Ether are shorter than that of Bitcoin. People like to make transactions that would be completed with the speed of light, and Ethereum presents that. That explains why the number of Ethereum online casinos is increasing by the day.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is one of the open source and publicly accessible crypto currencies. It is a computing platform and operating system that is distributed through the blockchain technology, with the ‘smart contracts’ as one of its major features. It is compatible with an advanced version of the Nakamoto consensus, through transaction based state transitions. Now, through the Ethereum platform, the cryptocurrency known as Ether could be generated. When Ether is generated, it is possible to transfer it from one account to the other and use it as a means of settlement for participating mining nodes for the computations that are carried out. The Ethereum virtual machine, which is a form of Turing-virtual machine, is provided by the Ethereum platform, and with this machine, scripts could be executed with the help of an international network of public nodes. In the bid to forestall all sorts of scam, the platform uses ‘GAS,’ which is a pricing mechanism that is recognized all over the world, to share resources.

Now, the history of Ethereum has it that it was a cryptocurrency researcher and programmer known as Vitalik Buterin that first brought up the idea in 2013. For the purpose of the project, an online crowd-sale was instituted between July and August 2014. However, it was later on the 30th day of July 2015 that the platform was made public, and at that time, 11.9 million coins were already “pre-mined” for the crowd-sale. Presently, this amount is just about 13% of the total amount of Ether in circulation.

In 2016, the DAO project collapsed and the Ethereum platform was divided into two distinct blockchians. One was named Ethereum, with the ETH sign, and the other Ethereum Classic, with the ETC sign. However, in the year 2017, which was the most significant year in the life of crypto-currencies, the value of Ethereum skyrocketed by 13,000%.

Ethereum Online Casinos

The geometric rise in the value of Ethereum made many online casinos to adopt it. But the reason why many casino players are choosing it for payments is because it makes gambling easier through its swift transactions and because of the benefits that the ‘smart contracts’ bring.

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Types of Casinos accepting Ethereum

Casinos That Accept Ethereum

Because of the obvious benefits of making online casino payments with Ethereum, there has been an astronomical rise in the number of Ethereum online casinos. The casino websites where you can enjoy games with this cryptocurrency at the moment include Bitsler, FortuneJack,, 24 Casino, and Bitcoin Penguin. Others are Wild Casino,, and Betcoin.

Advantages of Ethereum Online Casinos

  • Top notch security through blockchain
  • Transactions are completely anonymous
  • Transfer times with Ether are the quickest you can ever experience

Disadvantages of Ethereum Online Casinos

  • Not completely user friendly
  • Ethereum is difficult to access, and only a few casinos accept it

Ethereum Casino Types

The types of Ethereum online casinos out there are very clear. While the traditional categorizations based on their devices and modes are valid, there may be more. According to the devices, we have the mobile Ethereum casinos where games could be played on the go, and the desktop Ethereum online casinos that involve the use of laptops and desktops. We have the flash Ethereum online casinos where games are played directly from the website without any need for software download, and the download Ethereum online casinos where you must download the casino software on your device before you can play. We also have the live Ethereum casinos involving the casino games that you can stream live while playing them with the Ethereum cryptocurrency. There are the new Ethereum casinos, and they involve the newest casino websites that has adopted Ethereum as their payment methods. The next categorization is stronger than the aforementioned. Here, we have the casinos that only provide eth support, and they are called the classical Ethereum casinos, and the hybrid Ethereum casinos that offer Ethereum only as their payment methods. The advantages of the later against the former include the absence of the need for a gaming license, lower costs, fairer RNG, lower house edges and lack of restrictions. Lastly, there are casinos where you can use Ethereum through the normal method of depositing and withdrawing from online casinos and there are casinos where you can use them through the ‘smart contracts’ by sending the currency to the ‘smart contract’ that will in turn process the transactions through a code.

Countries Where Ethereum Operates

Of course, majority of the countries that accept other crypto currencies also accept Ether. Places where it operates legally include Estonia, Denmark, USA, Sweden, South Korea, The Netherlands, Finland, Canada, UK, and Australia. Recently, it also started operations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria and South Africa. However, Bolivia, China, Ecuador, India, Iceland Russia, Thailand and Vietnam do not accept Ether or other cryptocurrency transactions.


  • Is Ethereum safe, and why?

    Yes, because it uses the blockchain technology

  • Can Someone Track and Identify my Ethereum Deposits?

    No, because its 100% anonymous

  • Do All Casinos Accept Ethereum?

    No, only a few casinos accept it for now

  • What Casinos Accept Ethereum?

    Bitsler, FortuneJack,, 24 Casino, Bitcoin Penguin and others

  • Are Ethereum Deposits Instant?

    Yes, 100% instant

  • Can I Use Ethereum in Mobile Casinos?

    Yes, you can use Ethereum in the mobile casinos that accept it

  • What Are the Alternatives for UK and Canadian Players?

    PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer, Cheques