Neteller Online Casinos

The e-wallet services company known as the British Paysafe Group has been serving merchants in various sectors for a very long time. Apart from the Forex trading firms and the social network firms, online gambling firms have also found Neteller very useful over the years. The fact that users can easily withdraw their funds into the Net+ card or make direct transfers to their bank accounts makes it even more resourceful for online gambling payments.

The Neteller online payment system was established in 1999. It started its operations in Canada, but its office was later moved to the Isle of Man. However, the Optimal Payments Plc. acquired the Skrill Group in 2015. At that time, Skrill was one of the biggest online payment systems in the entire Europe. It stood among the providers of the biggest independent digital wallets as at that time. This signaled a huge transformation in the world of online payments and transactions.

To use the Neteller payment systems, the customers have to register with them and sign up for their accounts. Through a bank credit or debit card, or through some other 40 methods, these customers can load money into their accounts. Some of the things that lure customers to make use of the Neteller online casino payment system include the monetary regulation systems law that made the firm to lodge the customers’ funds into an account that is separate from its operating accounts. This is called the trusts accounts, and with these, they will be able to repay all their customers the balance they have in their Neteller accounts at any given time. Again, people can set up and hold their Neteller accounts in up to 26 different currencies. It allows gamblers from different countries and jurisdictions to have access to the Neteller online casinos.

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Types of Casinos accepting Neteller

Apart from paying merchants, paying at any retailer where MasterCard is accepted, and sending funds to other customers in the same service, the Neteller accounts can also be used to receive money from merchants that have Neteller accounts. This includes insurance payouts, gambling wining cash outs, and cash out of video gaming trading gains. To withdraw the money you have in your Neteller account, you can use a cheque, bank transfer, or through the Neteller issued Net+ prepaid MasterCard at ATMs or Point-of-sale outlets.

Neteller and Online Casinos

In July 2000, the Neteller payment system delved into online casino payments. At that time, payments for 85% of the gambling merchants in the world were processed by Neteller, and it made 95% of its revenue from the fund transfers made to online gaming firms. However, it was forced to exit the United States on 3 July 2007, after US users were restricted from using it. This led it into diversifying into other sectors. Presently, it still provides online gambling payments to players in the UK, and many other European, African and South American countries.

Casinos That Accept Neteller

Numerous online casinos presently accept the Neteller payment system because it comes with many benefits. If you want to have a perfect experience of what it looks like to enjoy a Neteller online casino, then you have to try out the Betway casino. It tops the chart among the casinos that make use of this payment system. But Neteller has a very vast reach and therefore there is an avalanche of casinos that adopt it as a major payment system. They include the Karamba Casino,, SCasino,, and 888 Casino. Others are Casino Las Vegas, Titan Casino, NoBonus Casino,, Casino Tropez and so many others.

Why Neteller Is Widely Used for Online Casino Payments

  • It is available in 26 currencies
  • Withdrawals and deposits are speedily processed
  • The customer service is dedicated and very responsive
  • Solid security for clients’ data and funds
  • Amazing welcome bonuses and loyalty offers from Neteller online casinos

With it, people from Sweden, Mexico, Romania, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia and many others can make online casino transactions in their local currency.

Neteller Casino Types

The Neteller online casino has several types. The first set of the Neteller online casinos are those that accept the Neteller payment system either for withdrawals alone or for deposits alone. They include online casinos that are forced to offer just a part of the Neteller services due to country restrictions.

The next include those that accept the Neteller online casino payment system both for deposits and withdrawals. In these casinos, you can deposit as well as withdraw through the Neteller payment system.

There are also the mobile Neteller online casinos, and they comprise of those online casinos that you do not need to sit down in front of your computer in your sitting room to enjoy. They can be enjoyed while on the go with your mobile devices and they accept the Neteller payment system.

There are the Neteller live online casinos. In these Neteller casinos, players are made to get a traditional feeling similar to what was obtainable in the brick and mortar games, by streaming them from the video studios where they are played.

Countries Where Neteller Operates

The Neteller payment system has a very huge acceptance across the world as a legitimate payment system. In the UK for instance, players can use the Neteller payment system to enjoy their online casinos as they wish. Other countries where Neteller operates without any restrictions include Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Portugal and many other European, African, Asian and South American countries. Now, while Neteller is an acceptable payment system for other transactions in Australia and New Zealand, it is not allowed for online casino payments in the two countries. So, you can’t enjoy Neteller online casinos there. Also, the Neteller online casinos are currently prohibited in Canada, while the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 made all the US casinos that accepted Neteller in the past to block it and prohibit its use.


  • Is Neteller safe, and why?

    Neteller online casinos are safe because data and funds are protected with solid ssl encryptions.

  • Do All Casinos Accept Neteller?

    No, not all casinos accept Neteller, and this is based mostly on the countries they operate in.

  • What is the Minimum Deposit I Can Pay via Neteller?

    Most of the Neteller online casinos have a minimum deposit amount of $5 to $10

  • What is the Maximum Deposit I Can Pay via Neteller?

    Most of the Neteller online casinos do not have maximum deposit amounts. For those who have, it is set by the casinos.

  • Are Neteller Deposits Instant?

    Yes, the deposits reflect immediately.

  • Can I Use Neteller in Mobile Casinos?

    Yes, many mobile casinos accept Neteller.

  • What Casinos Accept Neteller?

    Casino Las Vegas, Titan Casino, NoBonus Casino,, Casino Tropez and many others.