Ripple online Casinos review

The Ripple online payment system is one that many casino players choose because of its features. When you meet a singular cryptocurrency system that is not affected by the computing power of your device, does not involve the very difficult mining process to gain, and which offers the same security and anonymity as any other cryptocurrency, you would be pushed to embrace it. This is why the Ripple cryptocurrency has become one of the most popular payment systems amongst online casinos and players. With the initially created one hundred billion XRPs still in circulation, you can always acquire the amount you need for online gambling.

What is Ripple?

Ripple could be regarded as a real-time gross settlement system (RTGS) remittance and currency exchange network that was designed by the company originally named Ripple. Many people also refer to this system as the Ripple Protocol or the Ripple Transaction Protocol (RTXP). The value of this real time gross settlement is distributed under an internet protocol that is completely open source. The native cryptocurrency and consensus ledge resulting from this is also known as Ripples or XRP.

Ripple came into existence in 2012, with the main purpose of offering instant, secure and almost free online financial transactions. This was meant to offer transactions of any size without any form of chargebacks. Now, one of the outstanding things about Ripple is that it also supports tokens, and this gives it the characteristics of the cryptocurrency, fiat money, commodity and all other units of values. This was designed around a ledge or public database, with a consensus process through which payments, remittances and exchanges are authorized and distributed in a way that each form of transaction has its own process.

The Ripple cryptocurrency has been validated by many companies, many internet service providers and even the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the currency can operate even without the Ripple Company. So, it is currently completely independent of the founding firm. Many banks and payment networks have accepted and incorporated this payment system as the chosen infrastructure for settlements, and this is because of the advantages it has as a distributed ledger over other crypto-currencies. UniCredit, Santander and UBS are some of the big firms that make use of this.

Ripple Online Casinos

The good thing about Ripple payment system for casinos is that it is as secure as other crypto-currencies and it offers a completely anonymous payment protocol. It is also as swift as other crypto-currencies when used for transactions. But it’s even faster than most of them because it is a distributed ledger centralized system. The last quality allows it to enjoy some of the characteristics of the fiat money, commodities and cryptocurrency.

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      Types of Casinos accepting Ripple

      Casinos That Accept Ripple

      The number of online casinos that accept Ripple as their payment system is still very meager. But it has grown from what it used to be, and is still growing in leaps and bounds. You can enjoy ripple online casinos at,, MBIT Casino,, Wheel of Doge and Lotwin.

      Advantages of Ripple Online Casinos

      • Cost of transactions is very low
      • Transactions are instant and very swift because it is centralized
      • It offers easy currency exchange
      • 100% anonymous transactions
      • Bitcoin Bridge allows you to enjoy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency services through the BTC wallet

      Ripple Casino Types

      The fact remains that casinos of different types allow the use of ripple as their payment system. The type of Ripple online casinos available are so numerous to mention. They include the desktop version which involves the casinos you can make payments with ripple and play on your desktops and laptops, and mobile Ripple online casinos where you can pay with Ripple to enjoy the mobile casinos that offer games on the go. There are also the download casinos where you can use the Ripple payment system to enjoy those casinos you must download on your system before you can pay them, and the flash ripple casinos that involves using your Ripple payment system in those casinos you must play from their website directly. You will also have the live version where Ripple could be used to enjoy games that you can stream live while they are being played. There are also the progressive jackpots version and the 3D version of Ripple casinos. Now, in all these casinos, you can enjoy all types of games with the Ripple payment system. They include games like Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Sots, Scratch Card, and many others.

      Countries Where Ripple Operates

      The Ripple cryptocurrency is one of the coins that are gaining prominence in the crypto world. But it’s still not as popular as Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, countries that have both written and unwritten laws in support of crypto-currencies allow it. They include Brazil, India, Singapore, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, and Uruguay, UK, and the US. However, it does not mean that you can use it for online casino payments in all these countries. Some of them allow it for other transactions, but ban it for casino payments, especially countries like Canada, the US and Australia where online gambling is highly regulated.


      • Is Ripple safe, and why?

        Yes, because it uses blockchain

      • Can Someone Track and Identify my Ripple Deposits?

        No, transactions could be tracked, but not the identity of those involved

      • Do All Casinos Accept Ripple?

        No, only a few do

      • What Casinos Accept Ripple?,, MBIT Casino,, Wheel of Doge, Lotwin and others

      • Are There Any Fees Charged by Ripple?

        No, it’s only the casinos that charge very small fees

      • Are Ripple Deposits Instant?

        Yes, they are as instant as could be

      • Can I Use Ripple in Mobile Casinos?

        Yes, there are Ripple mobile casinos