Sofort online Casinos review

When you are presented with a casino payment system that will take you less than 10 minutes to set up and start making payments with, and which will come with very clear instructions and no hidden fees, would you ever reject it? The answer to that is no, and that is shown in the fact that this European banking payment system has been attracting new users by the day. It is one of those payment systems where shoppers and online casino players can make transactions without the need to create any account. With Sofort, all you need to do is log into your bank account with your banking details and make the transfer from your already held bank account.

The Sofort banking payment system is a relatively new one. It was established in Germany in 2006 by the payment network AG in Munich, and has been offering transactions to 8 European countries. This works in conjunction with customers’ bank accounts. It only provides the platform to log in and make transfers from their bank accounts. Many people may want to know about how safe this is. But the truth is that it is fully protected with the TUV certificate.

Sofort is still a growing online payment system, evidenced in the fact that it is only available in 8 European countries for now, though the process of expanding its reach is on course. In the countries where it works, most of the consumer banks have signed up for it. So, you can use it for transfers from such banks into your casino account. It is easy to use and will take only a few minutes to set up. Because it allows you to sign up and use your old online banking environment, it has attracted up to 35,000 merchants in the past few years, including many online casinos.

Sofort Online Casinos

To use the Sofort online payment for casinos does not take much time, and involves no long processes. You just have to log into the Sofort website. When you get in, you will be taken to the banking environment of Sofort. There, you should choose your country, and it will bring up the available banks in the country. You should select the bank you want to transfer from, the amount you want to transfer, the account you are sending it to, and then click ‘send’. The transaction will happen immediately, and the money will move from your account to the casino account instantly. You will be taken back to the web-store after this, and the merchant will confirm the payment immediately.

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Types of Casinos accepting Sofort

Casinos That Accept Sofort

Of course, Sofort online payment system comes with qualities that readily endear it to many online casinos and online casino players. Though it is available in a few countries for now, many online casinos, especially those that are based in Europe, see it as one of the best payment systems to use. So, you will have a lot of Sofort online casinos out there. Some of them include the Bet365 Casino, Adler Casino, Betsson Casino, BitStarz Casino, Boylecasino, Cashmio Casino, Casino Cruise and Casumo. Casinos like Jetbull Casino, Mr Smith Casino, PlayFrank Casino, Quasar Gaming and SlotsMillion Casino also use Sofort banking. You can also enjoy Sofort banking online casino payment system in Vernons Casino, Yako Casino, Yeti Casino, 18bet Casino, Casino La Vida and Energy Casino.

Pros of Sofort Banking Online Casinos

  • No separate Sofort account
  • No customer data is stored for transactions
  • Fast and secure payment system

Cons of Sofort Banking Online Casinos

  • Available in only 8 countries
  • Fees are paid for successful transactions

Sofort Casino Types

The Sofort banking online casino payment system is one that we can’t say that it has a wide reach already. But there is hope that it will soon achieve that prospect. Meanwhile, people can enjoy the Sofort banking payment system in different ways for now, and these could be tagged the types of Sofort casinos available. Some of them include the desktop Sofort casinos that you can use to play games on your desktop and laptops. The mobile Sofort casinos involve those mobile casinos where you can deposit with Sofort and play mobile games on the go with it. The live Sofort casinos are those casinos where you can enjoy the live dealer games with the payment system. There are also some new casinos that are incorporating the Sofort payment system, so these can be categorized as the new Sofort casinos. Other types of casinos where Sofort could be used include the download casinos where you have to download the software on your device to enjoy the games, and the flash Sofort casinos where you can only enjoy the games by playing directly from the website.

Countries Where Sofort Operates

Just like we have said before, the Sofort banking casino payment system is limited in the number of countries it operates in. You can make use of it only in 8 European countries for now. These countries include Germany where the headquarters of the payment system is located, Austria, Switzerland (only EUR), Poland (only EUR), Italy, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands.


  • Is Sofort safe, and why?

    Sofort is safe and secure because it does not involve your personal information, and their website is secured with SSL encryption

  • What is the Minimum Deposit I Can Pay via Sofort?

    There is no uniform minimum deposit here, because it is set by the casinos.

  • What is the Maximum Deposit I Can Pay via Sofort?

    There is also no uniform maximum deposit here, because the casinos are in charge of this. But you can send up to 20.000 USD/EUR.

  • Do All Casinos Accept Sofort?

    No, many casinos do not accept it.

  • What Casinos Accept Sofort?

    Bet365 Casino, Adler Casino, Betsson Casino, BitStarz Casino, Boylecasino, Cashmio Casino, Casino Cruise, Casumo and others

  • Are There Any Fees Charged by Sofort?

    Yes, when the transaction is successful, fee are charged

  • Are Sofort Deposits Instant?

    Yes, the money reflects within minutes.

  • Can I use Sofort for Depositing in UK and Canada?

    No, Sofort does not operate in UK and Canada

  • Can I Use Sofort in Mobile Casinos?

    Yes, you can use Sofort in mobile casinos