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Rabcat Gaming may not be a household name within online casino gaming communities just yet, but this innovative casino gaming developer is well-respected throughout the industry. The brand is considered to be a leader in the design of casino games for the iGaming industry at large. Their premium range of games includes their own trademarked 3D games, along with slots, video poker games, and casino table games. Rabcat is based in Vienna, Austria and is part of the win2day multichannel iGaming platform which is run by Austrian Lotteries in partnership with Casinos Austria AG.

Producer History

It may be surprising to learn that Rabcat Gaming is not a new kid on the block, but was actually launched in 2001, making it a senior online casino gaming developer. One of the reasons many are surprised at the experience of Rabcat Gaming, has to do with the actual design quality of their games, which are surprisingly fresh, innovative and original. This may also have a lot to do with the fact that Rabcat Gaming is actually a subsidiary of Rabcat Computer Graphics, which gives them an edge over many of their competitors within the iGaming software industry.
Thanks to HTML5 incorporated designs, along with B2B distribution through Microgaming’s Quickfire platform as well as Odobo, Rabcat games are enjoyed by thousands of players across all platforms including mobile. The brand has been recognized within the iGaming industry, with EGR Operators Awards nominations, particularly a 2013 nomination for best game of the year.

Devices and OS compatibility

Rabcat Gaming is known for their innovative outlook and has always kept in step with the latest technological developments, not only within the iGaming industry, but the world at large. The brand is quick to adapt to new trends as well as technologies, allowing them to quickly move into new areas that technology makes available. Rabcat games are designed to be easily accessed across any platform or operating system and there is no need to download any software or apps in order to run their games.
Whether you prefer playing on the go with mobile gaming, or at home on your desktop or laptop device, Rabcat games offer the same high quality, regardless of device. All operating systems including Windows and Windows Phone, Android, iOS for iPad and iPhone, Blackberry and others, are compatible with Rabcat’s gaming engine. The high end graphics, including their proprietary 3D gaming engines, look great on virtually any screen size, from the smallest smartphone screen, all the way up to larger HD gaming monitors.

Producer Games Features

One of the biggest draw card features found in Rabcat games is their use of progressive gaming elements. In other words, instead of a static gameplay scenario, with Rabcat games, the more you play them, the bigger and better your rewards will be. A perfect example of this can be found in Rabcat’s Castle Builder slot, which now also has a sequel, Castle Builder II, both extremely popular online at the moment.
In Castle Builder, the player gets to build their very own castle, which runs right alongside the regular slots gameplay. Every time those players manage to collect special castle building symbols across the five reels, another piece of the castle is built, until the entire castle is completed. Once the castle has been completed, players receive and additional bonus prize, adding a rewarding element to the game that is unique among online slot games.
Rabcat is both diverse and dynamic, designing and producing a surprisingly varied range of game themes from light hearted and comical, to dark and often brooding slots. Forsaken Kingdom is a great example of the more serious and dark side to Rabcat designs. The game is based on ancient medieval subjects including tales of King Arthur and contains a similar building component to Castle Builder. However, in Forsaken Kingdom, players are required to build a stone circle made out of collected scatter symbols, which in turn unlocks a wheel of fortune style bonus game.
Rabcat games include 3D games, slots, table games and video poker and are supported in over twenty different languages. All Rabcat games are available through B2B distribution via Odobo and Microgaming’s Quickfire platform.

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Best casino games by Rabcat

Rabcat games are quite unique in their own way and look incredible on virtually any device screen, from the largest desktop monitors all the way down to the smallest smartphone screens. Rabcat games feature incredible 3D graphics with beautiful scenes and animations, reinforced with unique bonuses and building missions as seen in both Castle Builder and Forsaken Kingdom, among many other titles. Some of the most popular Rabcat games currently available at a wide range of top online casinos (thanks to Quickfire and Odobo B2B distribution networks), includes the following:
• Forsaken Kingdom
• Castle Builder
• Dragon’s Myth
• Castle Builder II
• Moby Dick

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Rabcat Gaming’s premium online casino gaming software can be found on many of the industry’s biggest operator’s platforms. This is hardly at all surprising considering the brands attention to detail, use of cutting edge technology and incredible attention to detail. Despite being almost as old as other industry giants such as Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech, Rabcat has somehow always been under the radar. However, experienced online casino gamers, particularly slots players, know just what they are getting when they open a Rabcat online slot or casino game. While their slots to get most of the attention, Rabcat spends just as much time and energy on their table games, including roulette, blackjack and other games, as well as some of the best video poker designs available online.
Some of the most well-known digital gaming operators using Rabcat include:
1. William Hill Casino
2. Betsson Casino
3. Bwin Casino
4. Mr Green Casino
5. Cherry Casino